Scientists puzzled by killer whale boat attacks off Spain

Killer whales are drawn to these waters by the presence of their favourite prey

British man detained for climbing South Korean skyscraper

The 24-year-old man made his way up the landmark skyscraper for more than an hour

Conor McGregor knocks out Heat mascot in bizarre promotion at NBA Finals

McGregor hasnt fought since injuring his left leg in a loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 202

Crocodile makes herself pregnant in first known virgin birth case related to reptiles

The fully-formed foetus was stillborn and thus did not hatch

Father-in-law startles groom's side with helicopter for daughter's departure

The bride's father had made the arrangement to bid a fancy farewell to his beloved daughter

Pigs run loose on metro highway after semitruck tips over in Minnesota

Authorities rounded up the pigs, some of which were injured

Massive 'chirping' egg sculpture hatches in Warsaw

Don't hesitate to walk up to the egg and hug it

Florida's 'Dr. Deep' resurfaces after a record 100 days living underwater

Dr. Joseph Dituri set a new record for the longest time living underwater without depressurization

Just keep swimming: SoCal study shows sharks, humans can share ocean peacefully

Turns out, it’s pretty close. Almost within the bite radius

Officers round up hundreds of pigs from overwhelmed Florida animal sanctuary

During the roundup, the pigs showed "zero interest" in cooperating with animal control officers

Young black bear wanders Washington D.C. neighborhood, sparking a frenzy before being captured

The bear would mostly likely not have been aggressive unless it was startled by humans

In unusual orca sighting, tour spots at least 20 killer whales off San Francisco

The big group of whales was seen on May 7 near the Farallon Islands

Two giant rubber ducks debut in Hong Kong in bid to drive "double happiness"

Hofman said his pair of ducks represent "twice the fun, double the happiness"

Self-made millionaire sits China varsity exams for 27th time

I really want to go to university and become an intellectual, says Liang Shi

'World's best restaurant' to turn museum in Spain

The results are foods with surprising combinations

Austrian party reverses result after spreadsheet hiccup

Andreas Babler becomes the Social Democrats’ new leader

'Very last warning' for 82-year-old German convicted of dealing drugs

Judges said they would make an exception and classify the latest crimes as "less serious offenses"

Tree-mendous ride: wooden vehicle sells for 210,000 euros

The auction house had issued a guide price of 150,000-200,000 euros

Japanese attend smiling lessons after getting used to masks during Covid

Training company sees a more than four-fold jump in demand from last year

Alabama governor signs legislation naming Yellowhammer Cookie as official state cookie

Cook brought a batch of the cookies to Ivey for the bill-signing ceremony

Two-month-old Moon reunited with mother; two suspects arrested

Baby donkey was recovered by Hampshire Constabulary after 15 days

Village garbage man helped unearth ancient bronze statues in Tuscany

Experts called it the biggest collection of ancient bronze statues ever found in Italy

Alabama now has a state cookie after governor signs a law

Fourth-grader Mary Claire Cook submitted the winning recipe

In Denmark, potatoes on key bridge cause havoc

A similar incident happened on the eastbound side a short time later, Tanquist added

Woman walking on California beach finds ancient mastodon tooth

Smith donated the tooth to the museum, where it will be on display

Man arrested after robbing a store with Nintendo video game controller

Accused had managed to snatch $300 from a worker

Rolling thunder: contestants chase cheese wheel down a hill in chaotic UK race

The first racer to finish behind the fast-rolling cheese gets to keep it

Wild elephant destroys wooden shed in Thailand

The hungry creature wandered into a village in the Kap Choeng district of Surin province

Taiwanese restaurant's bizarre dish takes the spotlight

The renowned Ramen Boy eatery recently made waves on Facebook by introducing its newest creation

Oribatid Mite claims title of the strongest creature on Earth

The strength demonstrated by creatures much smaller than us is truly awe-inspiring

Nothing is impossible: Service dog gets college diploma

Justin had attended all of Mariani's classes with her

Indian official suspended after he drains reservoir to retrieve phone he dropped while taking selfie

More than 2 million litres of water were pumped out from the reservoir

Egypt unearths tombs in ancient burial ground

The discovery was made after a year-long excavation

Indian official penalised over emptying dam to find phone

Indian official suspended over emptying dam to find phone

Back in Mexico, 'Earth Monster' sculpture points to ancient beliefs

The sculpture was likely taken from central Mexico during the 1960s

Sustainable till death do us part, and 45 days beyond; mushroom coffin a last best wish for some

A Dutch intrepid inventor is now "growing" coffins by putting mycelium

Bear helps itself to 60 cupcakes from Connecticut bakery, scares employees

An employee said the bear charged at her so she backed out of the garage and ran

Dubai camel cloning caters to races, beauty pageants

Reproductive cloning of animals uses a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer

Man steals backhoe for 10-mile drive to Illinois airport to catch flight

Footage captured the man walking across the street from the lot to the airport lobby

Danish masters prepped canvases with leftovers from brewing beer

Researchers examined paintings from the Danish Golden Age and found traces of yeast and grains

Man shot roommate after accusing him of eating the last Hot Pocket, police say

Williams started throwing tiles at the man after he realized last microwaveable turnover was gone

Chirping sounds lead airport officials to bag filled with smuggled parrot eggs

The Central American natives, seized from a smuggler at Miami International Airport

Killer whales wreck boat in latest attack off Spain

Killer whales wreck boat in latest attack off Spain

Vietnam jails noodle vendor who mocked minister's lavish dining

Conviction is the latest in what rights groups say is govt's wide-ranging attempt to silence voices

Syrians abandon babies at mosques, under trees as war grinds on

Between early 2021 and late 2022, more than 100 children -- 62 of them girls -- were found abandoned

South African fossils reveal ancient beast's journey to oblivion

This extinction event unfolded over a protracted time span

Steer on the run for weeks lassoed, captured on Detroit-area freeway

At one point, Lester races from near a clump of trees toward the freeway lanes

US states reach agreement to save dwindling Colorado River

Plan comes after years of bitter wrangling even as water course reached crisis point

Brazil faces dilemma: endangered macaw vs. wind farm

Northeast is known for strong, steady winds that President Lula da Silva wants to harness to power

New Zealand sheep outnumber people less than 5 to 1

New Zealand, home to 5.2 million people, is one of the world's main wool exporters

Animal rights activists protest octopus farm plans in Spain

Animal rights activists protest octopus farm plans in Spain

Long-necked dinosaur fossil found by Argentine scientists is perhaps the biggest

Paleontologist Nicolas Chimento said scientists decided to name dinosaur Chucarosaurus Diripienda

Guitar smashed by Kurt Cobain sells for nearly $600,000

It was signed by all three members of the Seattle grunge outfit as they rocketed to global fame

LA volunteer police officer hospitalised after getting stung on face by swarm of bees

The officer and his partner were assisting with traffic control when the attack occurred

A Florida man living underwater won't resurface even after breaking the record

The previous record of 73 days, two hours and 34 minutes was set by two Tennessee professors

What cost German surgeon his job

The incident came to light after a hospital manager spotted the cleaner

'Mini kangaroos' hop back in South Australia

They are making a comeback in South Australia's Yorke Peninsula

Neglected Igbo-Ukwu Bronzes get new life at Nigerian museum

Some of the artefacts include intricately designed bowls, pots, vases and shells

Man indicted in theft of 'Wizard of Oz' ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland

Terry Martin was indicted Tuesday with one count of theft of a major artwork

Adult friends help baboons overcome childhood trauma

Forming close social bonds as adults helps the primates triumph over childhood adversity

World's oldest Hebrew Bible sells for $38m

The Codex Sassoon is the earliest near-complete Hebrew Bible known to still exist

Colombian children found alive in jungle weeks after plane crash

The children were rescued by members of the military, firefighters and civil aviation authority

Colorado man tries to trade places with dog to avoid DUI arrest

An officer watched him maneuvering inside the car

Church members hoping whoever stole truckload of organ pipes will repent, shipment can be recovered

Spencer Organ Company owner Joseph Rotella said in a police report that the pipes have limited value

Chicken on subway tracks halts service in Mexico City

The metro system said service was quickly restored after the incident

Italian police dog with fine nose for cocaine sniffs out drugs hidden in banana shipment

Officers used scanning machines and the dog, named Joel, to uncover packets of cocaine hidden in boxes

Surfing gator seen relaxing at Alabama beach amid the waves

One such unlikely critter was spotted riding the waves recently on Dauphin Island

A rare, endangered seal named Yulia basks on Tel Aviv beach

These seals are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Nigerian chef's record-breaking feat

She has had only five-minute breaks every hour

Denmark's mystery tremors caused by acoustic waves from unknown source, officials say

At first the tremors were thought to have been caused by earthquakes

Bear in a tree holds Michigan city in suspense for hours

Spectators sitting on lawns or in chairs held their phones up to take pictures and video

Teenage bully accused of forcefully tattooing his schoolmates

The accused had summoned him at a motel in Incheon

Woman excluded from Mother's Day meal being a dog mum

Leila started considering herself a parent after adopting an 11-week-old puppy

Rare and mysterious creature spotted on UK beach

Another one was spotted by a woman snorkelling in West Cornwall

Ghostly floating creature on beach leaves bystander stunned

The quick-thinking walker managed to snap two photos of the apparition

Extreme tattoos get woman banned from TikTok

The woman said people often "attack" her on social media

Police arrest Md. man in stolen 5-ton military vehicle after highway chase

Sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement agencies pursued the truck down highway

Britain's largest zoo welcomes 'boom' of endangered baby animals

The 13 new fawns are visible to the public at the zoo's Passage Through Asia habitat

Mom, daughter persevere hardship to graduate college together

The duo has earned a total of five degrees together

Grandfather becomes makeup beauty blogger to save young boy's life

Xiao Jingyan’s decided they would do anything to save his life

Thieves spend a month digging tunnel to oil pipeline

They surveyed the hotel for a long time before approaching the owner

World's largest hot pot restaurant occupies half a hill

People from all over China come to experience the world’s largest hot pot restaurant in person

America's smallest bank has just two employees

Banking climate in America has changed in the last century

On the front lines of the writers strike, meet the true rat czar of NYC: Scabby the Rat

As New York City deals with an influx of actual rats, Scabby the Rat has become that rare thing

Memphis 'snake factory' transplants slither into their new home in Louisiana

Although they bear a resemblance to rattlesnakes, pine snakes are non-venomous

Woman wins $1m week after buying her first house

The prize money will help pay off her new home and ease her worries about mortgage payments

Boat falls from tow truck, blocks traffic on Pennsylvania highway

No injuries were reported and the lanes were reopened

Minnesota man invents beer-powered motorcycle

It could be any kind of liquid, it could be Red Bull, it could be Caribou Coffee

Dedicated Lakers fan gets LeBron James' face etched into his hair

The customer wanted to show his support for the Lakers

World's oldest dog turns 31 in Portugal

Bobi has lived in the village of Conqueiros with his owner

'Chonkosaurus,' plump Chicago snapping turtle captured on video, goes viral

Turtles this big will consume anything they can get their mouth around

Metallic object that crashed into New Jersey home was meteorite

Nobody was hurt, and there was no serious damage to the residence

Oklahoma police rush to respond to cries for help ... from a goat

“You really can’t say it was that baaad of a call”

'Big python' removed from wheel well of car in Queensland parking lot

The size of the serpent was helpful in the capture

Robot camera finds 5-foot alligator in underground pipe

The crew was surprised when their robotic camera came lens-to-face with a 5-foot alligator

Video game hall of fame inducts 'Wii Sports,' 'Barbie Fashion Designer'

The enshrined games will be displayed at the Hall of Fame's new home

Colorado family finds new home infested with snakes

Hall said she is now saving up to have the den relocated

Bear rings doorbell at West Virginia home

The bear manages to ring the bell before running off into the distance.

How to build a giant? Sauropod dinosaurs did it 36 different ways

A new study has calculated for the first time the number of different sauropod lineage

Spanish scientists seek to crack mystery of Canaries skeleton cave

The bodies had been forcefully placed on the rocky surface and then had stones thrown on them

In dog show world, details obvious and subtle rule the day

The show is being held this year on the 40-acre (16-hectare) grounds of the U.S. Open tennis tournam

Possible meteorite crashes into New Jersey home, no injuries

Nobody was hurt and there was no serious damage to the residence

Man catches 81 tennis balls with a boxing glove

He ended up breaking the record with 81 catches

African antelope captured after a month on the loose

Mary escaped from her enclosure at the Lupa Zoo on April 1

Escaped bull runs onto rugby field during warm-ups

The Dragons went on to win the match 24-12

Bubble-blower attempts five world records in Cleveland

The attempts were witnessed by Thomas Altman

Security guard faces criticism for saving suicidal woman

Almost a year after the incident has left Qu Yan confined to a hospital bed

Thieves steal 220 sneakers, all for the right foot

“Surely they wanted to sell it at half price”

The story of the world's largest plow

The plow was so large and heavy that no tractor in existence could pull it by itself

12-year-old boy considered the future of Brazilian CrossFit

Most 12-year-olds struggle to get out of bed for school on weekdays

Doctor shares X-Ray of man full of Tapeworm eggs

Cysticercosis is a disease caused by the ingestion of tapeworm eggs

World's most expensive ice cream made with White Truffles

The 'highest grade' gelato has a faint sweetness

Molar City – The Mexican Town with most dentists per square mile

Hundreds of thousands of Americans visit Los Algodones every year

Woman stung by scorpion aboard on flight

The woman was treated at a hospital and later released without issue

Flight delayed for three hours due to bees swarming on plane's wing

The bees finally dispersed when the plane's engine was turned on

City warns residents to keep watch for escaped marmoset monkeys

An unspecified number of marmosets escaped from a home in the Carnforth area

Angler on Florida fishing boat reels in great white shark

The shark was released after being reeled in

Disc golf net prompts emu's escape in Minnesota

Erasmus apparently escaped by jumping the fence into the treatment center's yard

North Carolina man faces down bear to rescue his dog

The bear suddenly appeared and lunged for the dog

Reptile catcher removes venomous snake from vacuum cleaner

Godfrey posted a video to Facebook showing him removing the snake

Cows caught 'skipping school' in South Dakota

Their adventure took them across roads and highways

Texas school creates world's longest friendship bracelet

The bracelet was laid out on the school district's football field

Freaky-looking fanged fishes found on Oregon beaches

It’s unclear what might be behind the deep-sea fish washing ashore

May the Fourth be 'I do': Ohio city has 'Star Wars' weddings

They held lightsabers while they exchanged vows

Hundreds of pounds of pasta dumped near New Jersey stream

The estimated 500 pounds (225 kilograms) of pasta were apparently raw when it was dumped

Researchers radio-collar 1st bear in mountains near LA

Researchers believe BB-12 may be the same black bear that was spotted

The pendant is 20,000 years old. Ancient DNA shows who wore it

The method can isolate DNA that was present in skin cells

Reporter faces prank call charges

In the pre-recorded call, a mafia member angrily accuses the recipient of stealing boxes of vaccines

Baby fox rescued from underground pipe

The fox kit was taken in by the RSPCA

SC lottery officials seek dog pics for scratch-off tickets

Dog owners can submit photos for consideration

Albino echidna spotted wandering in Australian town

Resident Geoff Hadley said he helped Raffie cross a road recently

Billiards ball spins for 47.13 seconds to break world record

The ball needed to spin without striking the side of the billiards table

Deputies find reported 'fight in progress' involved brawling goats

Deputies arrived on the scene and discovered a pair of goats butting heads

Snake flips switch, stops traffic at Virginia intersection

The snake was so large that it flipped a breaker switch that shut off the signal

Galactic gobble: Star swallows planet in one big gulp

It’s a gloomy preview of what will happen to Earth when our sun morphs into a red giant

Woman wins lottery jackpot using numbers from a dream

The winner said her numbers came from an unusual source

New Hampshire firefighters free dog with head stuck in tree

Gracie's owners said the dog was not injured

Company offers $1,000 to track all the crashes in 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise

Applications are being accepted on the website until May 19

Uber's most unusual lost and found: unicycle, Danny DeVito ornament

The index revealed multiple passengers managed to forget to unload their pets

Escaped horses wrangled on Massachusetts highway

The owner of the animals had managed to safely recapture one of the horses

Woman and dog chased by pair of emus on Michigan trail

Buning contacted the Midland County Sheriff's Office

New Mexico woman's foot rotates 171.4 degrees

Her figure skating experience led to her becoming curious about her own flexibility

Leopard cub forces mom to play

Leopard cubs are typically born in litters of two or three

Severed hand at side of Michigan highway was a rubber fake

A closer look revealed the item was a fake hand covered in artificial blood

Small alligator found at Pennsylvania wastewater treatment plant

The alligator was rescued by workers, who snapped photos of the reptile

School principal unlocks dumpster, finds bear inside

"Who says principals don't deserve hazard pay?"

Guide spots rare pink pachyderm in South Africa

The reason for the calf's pink skin is due to a condition called leucism.

Ostriches dance in circles

Ostriches are the largest birds in the world and they can grow up to 9 feet tall

Cobra swallows entire snake on road

Cape cobras are well known for their deadly venom

Bulgarian extreme athlete shuts himself in glass box to help young addicts

Bulgarian extreme athlete shuts himself in glass box to help young addicts

British man breaks world record with 17 flesh tunnels on his face

each of Goss' flesh tunnels had to measure at least .11 inches to qualify for the record

Stranded bear rescued from Nevada tree using tranquilizer, tarp

Witness Keith Bohn captured video of the moment the bear fell out of the tree

Scottish Island for sale with asking price of $188,000

The island contains a flood pond to support the local wildlife

Germany's climate activists find sanctuary in churches

Activist Axel Hake, 54, said the churches' contribution show how strong the backing from society is

'Fog of bees' briefly interrupts PGA Tour's Mexico Open

Van Rooyen went on to make par at the hole

Nebraska students toss water balloons for Guinness World Record

The previous record of 902 participants was set by students at Deerfield Academy

Life-size sculpture of euthanized walrus unveiled in Norway

A crowdfunding campaign was kicked off last fall to finance the sculpture

China welcomes Ya Ya the panda home after 20 years abroad

People shared screenshots tracking Ya Ya's flight path into Shanghai

'Little hero:' Boy stops Michigan school bus with ill driver

He stopped the bus as it was veering toward oncoming traffic

Greener pastures? 2,500 hopeful sheep cross Idaho highway

Leaving the open road behind, they will journey through the sagebrush-dotted foothills

Baby gibbon briefly escapes enclosure at San Antonio Zoo

A zoo visitor captured video showing the baby white-cheeked gibbon

Researchers teach parrots to make video calls

The parrots displayed behaviors during the calls that mimic the behaviors of birds in the wild

Mother duck leads ducklings on parade through Virginia school

"Make way for ducklings," the school tweeted

Marvel fan's collection of Iron Man memorabilia earns world record

He said collecting Iron Man items allowed him to form connections with other fans

Iowa woman seeks world record certificate for souvenir spoon collection

The Davenport resident's collection began with a set of 1904 St. Louis World's Fair spoons

Wandering bull's visit to residential neighborhood caught on camera

Witnesses said they do not know where the bull came from.

Podcaster conducts 37 hours of interviews for world record

Oliver said he is now releasing the interviews as 15-minute episodes of his podcast.

Pony and goat found walking together on Connecticut highway

Troopers were able to secure the animal odd couple and contact their owner.

World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship sets world record

The competition featured a total 2,293 jigsaw enthusiasts from 44 countries.

Patch crowned 'beautiful bulldog' at Drake University event

Patch is a rescue dog and was among nine rescues who competed.

Thai zoo breeds endangered vultures hoping to see them soar again

After nearly two decades of trying the zoo is starting to see results.

'Mojave Max' tortoise emerges in Vegas; latest since 2000

The desert tortoise is considered a keystone species

Alligator lassoed after crossing South Carolina road

The video shows the officers successfully lassoing the alligator after multiple attempts.

Man who habitually breaks Guinness World Records

Rush also holds record of passing weight from hand to hand

Moose wanders into Alaska movie theater, eats popcorn

One employee recorded video of the moose entering the building.

1,227 play 'Dungeons and Dragons' at Utah mall for new world record

The game included 200 tables of up to seven players.

Zoo seeking 'seagull deterrents' to wear giant bird costumes, scare seagulls

The Blackpool Zoo said the new hires would be members of the Visitor Services team.

Family of bears bounce on trampoline in Connecticut yard

The video shows four bears bouncing, rolling and wrestling on the trampoline.

Promising results for new migraine treatment atogepant

Promising results for new migraine treatment atogepant

Cat who saved diabetic owner's life nominated for National Cat Award

Cat who saved diabetic owner's life nominated for National Cat Award (PC: SkyNews)

Alligator 'Godzilla' dies at Bronx Zoo after rescued from Brooklyn's Prospect Park lake

It suffered from an ulcer caused by a bath plug she had swallowed

Suspected shipwreck washes up in Florida

Beach safety officials warned the public to keep a safe distance from the object.

Message in a bottle found after 10 years in Australia

Evans was able to find the now-18-year-old Zapcan on Instagram.

Six baby raccoons rescued from Pennsylvania creek

The officer said the raccoons started purring once he picked them up.

Sheep spends hours trying to enter home

The animal immediately started running for his front door.

88-year-old windsurfer believed to be the world's oldest

Piotr Dudek said he has been windsurfing since 1981.

Alligator haunts police officer during capture

Police said the alligator was relocated.

A cow enters a store in Israel and spills paint

The cow left after a few minutes without any injuries to human or bovine.

French cyclists set world record for largest GPS drawing

The team said they chose a velociraptor for the image because it sounds like "vélo."

Accidentally triggered alarm test awakens Floridians in sleeping hours

The Florida Division of Emergency Management apologized on Twitter about four hours later.

Chonky cat up for adoption in Virginia weighs 40.3 pounds

The average domestic cat weighs about 10 pounds, although that number can vary by breed.

Sugar-craving bear breaks into car, drinks 69 cans of soda

Rosel said she is always careful not to leave food or trash in her car overnight.